I love you. I admire you. I appreciate your ebb and flow. When you crash like thunder claps and spray your emotions everywhere. When you dance along the shore line and caress the sand inviting people to explore what lies beneath with you. There is so much more to you than what your fellow humans see on the surface. You are complex, deep, ever changing, and yet ever the same. You feel and experience life at a volume that others often don’t understand. You hear and sense the emotional vibrations of others even when their volume is inaudible to most.

Your ability to connect with the subtle and the unsubtle feelings enhances your ability to deeply care with compassion and understanding. Others feel safe, seen, heard, valued in your presence. They can sense you have their best interest in your heart and relax with your care. You breathe in those unspoken undertones of emotion. You process them through your circulatory system as they reverberate off your nervous system. You strategize with ease and clarity and speak forth ideas that meet the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs. You are fearless in the face of revising the strategy until it resonates.

This is beautiful to you. You thrive on beauty. It is as vital to you as breathing. Whether it is the natural beauty of flowers and forests and rivers and oceans or the creative beauty of architecture and paintings and dance, you are drawn to it like a flame to oxygen. It fuels you. It energizes you. It brings you peace, joy, and contentment like nothing else can. You enjoy it with wonder and delight. You create it with exquisite happiness. You love to show it off and entice others to find the same vibrancy in it as you do.

You live your best life when you are moving. Connecting with beauty. Caring for others. When you stop too long being what brings your soul brightness, the storm clouds roll in and you find yourself thundering and flashing. While still beautiful, thunder storms send most people running for cover. Surround yourself with people who can weather these storms with you and bring you back to your haven for vulnerability self. It’s ok to have these moments of seeming volatility. Because you feel all emotions, your own and others with such depth, you need time to process and release them all. Having those humans who can ride the swells of the mood swings as you process and release the sometimes confusing and murky overwhelm of emotion soup is what will increase your capacity to be the caring human you were beautifully designed to be.

You beautiful conduit for all emotions. You who feels every aspect of being with the depth of a thousand oceans. You who can sense even the smallest shift in the energy around you. You are magnificent. Abundant. Reflective. Refractive. Energy and stillness. An ever shifting array of colours and sounds as you interact with the earth and the air. You are love.

With gratitude and admiration,

Your Soul