Three Ways To Cleanse: Smoke, Sound, Water

When some people move into a new home, they take it upon themselves to cleanse the rooms. While this is pretty popular, what are they doing exactly? 

Many believe that stagnant energy leads to irritability, discomfort, stress, and exhaustion. Cleansing a space using smoke, sound, or water is a way to renew and refresh the energy of a room. It’s also popular to do when we feel the need to start over, like after recovering from an illness, quitting smoking, or even a break-up! 

Cleaning A Room With Smoke

Cleansingsmoke a space with sacred smoke, also known as “smudging,” is one of the most popular options. Smoke spreads to every corner of the room, and you’ll miss no part of the air when you use the cleansing power of smudging. You can’t use any smoke, though; you have to choose the right kind of smoke and vessel. 

Most people use sage, a member of the Salvia plant family. The most common way to smudge is to burn the sage, hold it with an abalone shell, and fan the smoke with a feather to ensure it gets into every corner of the space. As important to this are the intentions you bring to the smudging. Before starting, determine what it is you’re trying to purify or release from the space, choosing a prayer or mantra to say while burning the sage.

Once you have a mantra, light the sage a walk slowly around the room or space, wafting the smoke around and guide the smoke out an open entryway (like a door or window). The smoke will take bad energy with it!

Cleaning A Room With Sound

Another way to cleanse a room is by using sound. Sharp, sudden sounds can vibrate on a frequency that is beyond what we can detect. The sound makes the objects and atmosphere resonate in the same harmony, neutralizing the energy in the space. 

What makes sound cleansing an increasingly popular option is that you don’t need a specific – or expensive – instrument. Anything that makes a noise, even clapping your hands as you walk around, can cleanse the room. However, much like smudging, you must have the proper intentions, and this can mean following the cleansing tradition you feel will be most effective. Many people choose Tibetan bells and sound bowls because they follow Buddhist traditions for cleansing. Just know that there’s no “wrong” way of doing it!

Cleaning A Room With Water

Water is a natural cleansing and purifying agent; with the right intentions, you can eliminate the negative energy in the space! It’s called “asperging,” and the process does not use only water: common choices include milk, wine, or any of one of these with honey. Like the other options, your choice comes from what feels right to you because your intentions matter!

The key to asperging is using a consecrated liquid, but don’t worry, this is easy to do at home. Place your water under the moonlight, in the sun, or add special herbs or stones to it. Once you’re comfortable with the consecration, put the liquid in a bowl, dip your fingers, and sprinkle or flick it as you walk around the perimeter of the room while saying a chant or prayer that means something to you. 

How Do You Know The Cleansing Worked?

Once you’ve cleansed a room, you should notice a “shift” in the energy of the space; pay attention to the emotions of you and your family members, and don’t stop attracting positive energy. If you’re not sure if the energy has changed, try another form of cleansing and set up other instruments that neutralize bad energy, e.g. crystals and salt lamps. 

You can make cleansing your home’s energy a regular part of your routine! You will feel brighter, happier, and more able to handle the stresses of day-to-day life!

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