The Top Five Crystals To Help You Sleep

The Top Five Crystals To Help You Sleep

Crystals are best known as energy amplifiers, and many of us keep our favourites close so we have the strength to get through particularly tough days. But some crystals are also known to help people rest better, too!

If you’re struggling, use the following five crystals to help when anxiety, stress, or other issues are preventing you from getting a solid 8 hours: Amethyst, Celestite, Labradorite, Lepidolite, and Rose Quartz.


When you add amethyst to your bedroom, the benefits don’t stop once you’ve fallen asleep: vivid dreams may come to you much more easily. This is because amethyst improves your connection with intuition and the subconscious by giving off a soothing, serene frequency. This is an ideal crystal to place under your pillow, and you might want to keep a dream journal by the bed!


If you’re a crystal fan, you may have thought of celestite as soon as you read the title. It’s well-known for being a calming stone, and a little celestite can help you sleep through the night. It gives off high vibrations that are great for pushing away feelings of anxiety or chaos. As it connects the Third Eye, Crown, and Heart chakras, celestite is also known as a stone of extreme serenity – use it for yoga, meditation, and more!

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Labradorite is a highly spiritual stone, and many users report that this crystal gives them livelier dreams that they can remember upon waking up. This is because even a little piece placed in you bedroom can loosen up blocked energy in the body, revealing issues through dreams so you can understand them better. Users might also wake up feeling much more positively, starting their day on the right foot!


Lepidolite should be your choice if you could only choose one from this list. It is such an ideal crystal for sleeping, as the properties include easing any feelings of stress and pressure, relaxing overactive minds, and imbuing the user with an overall sense of security. Like labradorite and amethyst, lepidolite has a reputation for helping sleepers access peaceful dream states. You’ll literally see why lepidolite has so many fans!

Rose Quartz

Sometimes, problems aren’t caused by an inability to sleep; you may need to add a little more loving energy! Among crystal enthusiasts, rose quartz is best-known for how it creates high levels of spiritual energy that protect and soothe the heart. When you place two pieces of rose quartz on your bedside table, you’ll bring more love into the room.

How Can I Use These Sleep-Enhancing Crystals Effectively?

As mentioned at the top, crystals are known as energy enhancers. This is why, when it comes to picking a crystal to help you sleep, smaller is better. While large crystals might work for your home or office, the five crystals listed above work better as smaller pieces. You may find yourself feeling the opposite effect if you have too large a crystal in your bedroom!

Another way to use crystals to help you sleep is to place them in areas close to your sleeping body. Put them under your pillow and on your nightstand to amplify the energy. By keeping amethyst, celestite, labradorite, lepidolite, and rose quartz close by, you may find that sleep, love, and dreams come to you much more easily!