High Vibe Oracle Deck


The High Vibe Oracle deck consists of 37 mixed media original artwork oracle cards and simple guide, manifested by Intuitive Art Oracle, Sheina Hemstreet. Channeling source energy each card was co-created to aid you in tapping in to your highest self. By building a powerful relationship with your intuition. The cards are 3.5’x4.5’ and come in a beautiful magnetic box for easy use, storage and display. Each card is crafted to invite your highest self to step forward and explore the inner-workings of your soul.
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NEW High Vibe Oracle Deck

HIGHVIBE Art Oracle Deck 2.0

This NEW deck include 7 more cards with original artwork and a whole new sleeker design. Including brighter colours and sturdier card stock. The High Vibe Oracle Deck comes packaged in the same beautifully effective magnetic box the original was.

The vibe is the same but the frequency is higher!

Each human has the capacity to tap into a collective source of wisdom and awareness. The first step is developing an intuitive practice for self reflection, mindfulness and intention setting. This deck is designed to ignite, hone and encourage that journey.
When you work with the deck, you will begin to easily recognize your own intuitive voice. Suddenly the guides you have been asking for, show up. This will create a space for your highest self to step up and guide living a life in alignment with your desires.
Keep in mind that what the card brings up for YOU is the message. The simple guide provides a description and prompt for each card. As well as 3 spread suggestions to get your started on your readings. What you receive from simply viewing the artwork and allowing yourself to be the guide is what will reveal most. Consider the type of card (energy,  action, inquiry) and the artwork for your messages. Focus on the intention YOU set for the specific reading and what comes up for YOU to receive the benefits of this practice.
This deck’s predecessor  is loved by those who have worked with it. Both novice and experienced readers have expressed delight in the practice. The powerful magic in creating a sacred practice to connect with self, makes it invaluable!
“Highly Recommend Sheina if you are struggling to come into your own spirituality. Since listening to Sheina I have been compelled to listen to my intuition and it’s given me a lot of clarity and has begun allowing me to give clarity to others! I’ve tapped into my intuition and it’s all thanks to Sheina and the High Vibes Art Oracle Deck! Thank you Sheina.” ❤️
This deck has been a mind blowing experience. It really makes you dive deep into your own intuition to find the meaning of the cards. Every time I have pulled from this deck either for myself or for someone else each card has a new meaning. It helped me on my journey of finding my true self and my own intuition. Sometimes the words stick out sometimes the colors stick out sometimes the picture itself sticks out and sometimes all of the above stick out! And every time the message has been exactly what I needed or what someone I have read for has needed! I can not say enough good things about this deck! Its super easy to use and she provides prompts and questions as to how to pull the message out for yourself! Some decks are really confusing to use or the meaning in the guidebook just doesn’t feel right. These cards and every message feel right every time! When I received this deck the energy and live that was pouring out of the cards! I could feel the energy she put into these cards and boy oh boy was it one of the best feelings I have ever felt! Thank you Sheina for providing this gorgeous deck that has helped me become a better person a better reader and better my intuition!
I got Sheina’s intuitive deck when she first released it !! It took me a minute to get into them because I knew I’d be doing the work myself and having to look inward for answers. That’s what drew me to her deck to begin with. Unlike other card decks, which has lengthy descriptions about the individual card you picked up, these cards inspire you to dive deep into your intuition and find the answers within. I started doing a morning card pull, which helps me get my day started, especially if I’m feeling emotionally rough. I love the art work that each card offers, I feel the energy when I hold them and shuffle. I am in love with these cards and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who is looking to tap into their own selves. Greatful to have this Oracle Art Deck ✨


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