High Vibe Chakra Wellness Cards


The HIGHVIBE Art Oracle deck consists of 35 mixed media original artwork oracle cards and simple guide, manifested by Intuitive Art Oracle, Sheina Hemstreet. Channeling source energy each card was co-created to aid you in tapping in to your highest self. By building a powerful relationship with your intuition. The cards are 3.5’x4.5’ and come in a beautiful magnetic box for easy use, storage and display. Each card is crafted to invite your highest self to step forward and explore the inner-workings of your soul.
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A tool for energetic wellness!

This easy to use set of 8 cards is designed to bring awareness to your energetic body. They are adorned with original source channelled artwork that provides a great focal point for meditation practices. 7 of the cards represents one of the 7 chakras within your physical body. It outlines nourishment specific to each chakra. Including appropriate crystal suggestions, scents and foods for optimal energetic flow. Each card also includes a healing mandala and affirmation for cleansing, clearing and aligning the entire chakra system. 


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