Art Alchemy Energetic Alignment Experience



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You will feel recharged, refreshed and lighter after this 75 minute one on one video experience.

An energetic transmutation to establish alignment within your energetic body. 

Each session begins with a guided meditation to establish a relaxed, meditative state to receive your energetic transmutation into alignment. With artistic expression I will work through each chakra portal to transmute low vibrations and encourage optimal flow of energy throughout. You simply relax and experience the close proximity of my high vibrational light as I work to create an artistic manifestation of your alignment. Once the session is completed I will present your artwork and relay any important information that came up during the session. Following the session I will send you a detailed email of the work that was completed and what you may expect based on the energy that was moved. One week later you will receive your intuitive abstract artwork. The manifestation of your alchemy session. A unique and blessed portal to display in your sacred space or home. 


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