Power in Practice

We’re going to talk about how to practice and why practicing is so important.

So a lot of people when they start with affirmations, or when they hear about affirmations, it just sounds like a bunch of fucking bullshit. A waste of time. And maybe you’ve practiced a couple times, and it didn’t land for you, it didn’t connect for you.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.”

But that’s because you just tried a couple times, what you really need to do is practice. And there is power in that practice. When I was in grade seven, I had a teacher, and he was a fantastic teacher. I really, really enjoyed that class. He straightened me out in so many ways. And he always had these little sayings and one of the things that he said that used to drive us bananas was practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect. And I hated when he said that it drove all of us nuts. All of us students thought like Shut up. How do you get how do you get to practice? Perfect practice if you don’t practice first? Right, we’re a bunch of 13 year olds trying to call him on his shit. But this is the thing, is he was absolutely right. And I, over the last couple of years, in my own journey of self-development and self-growth, have found myself relying on that lesson and have found myself coming back to that lesson because it really does take perfect practice to get perfect, right. And unless we’re willing to invest the time in learning, and then acting, then we’re not practicing perfectly. We’re just trying things out. And I’m here to tell you that it is in the practice of affirming it is in the practice of using your mantras at the right times. All the time. That really begins to shift your mindset.

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And so I found this lovely, lovely parallel, while I was laying on the chiropractor chair today, bed, whatever I’m lying there, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t see a chiropractor, this is not about chiropractic care. But what I realized is I was laying there, and he was taking his time coming in. So I had lots of time to really relax in my… in my space. And whenever that happens, I take the opportunity to breathe deeply, and to tune into the areas of my body where I’m feeling a lot of tension. And so I was doing this, I was breathing deeply. I was focusing on a space between my shoulder blades that have been quite tense lately. And I just laid there and I breathed, and it was wonderful. I almost fell asleep before he came in. But here’s where the parallel lies.

Whether you receive chiropractic care or not, you might get a little lesson in it today. But what’s actually happening is that your doctor is adjusting your spine to bring it back to alignment, to bring it back to optimal alignment so that your body can work optimally and you go to the chiropractor, you get adjusted and it feels great. Everything is back in order. And then slowly as time goes on, things start to get pulled and pushed back into dis-alignment.

Because our body is used to being a certain way, and so after an adjustment, our body is constantly pulling us back into that state. We have to go back to the chiropractor again. So I a lot of people avoid chiropractors because they think if you go once you can never stop going. That’s not true. But what I realized is that there is a huge parallel between that alignment and the alignment of your practice. All right, so you go to the chiropractor, you get aligned, you know, what do you spend 15 minutes there and then you spend a week, just getting pulled back into that state that your body is used to being in, you go back to the chiropractor, he realigns you or she realigns you. And after time, after you you’re with the chiropractic care for some time, you notice that your body can hold on to that alignment a little bit longer. And so maybe you go twice a week, and then eventually that space is out to once a week and once every two weeks. And that’s because now your body is getting used to that alignment. It’s had lots of practice in that state. And so it tends to be pulled into that old way a lot slower.

Another thing about chiropractic care and if you really embracing it is that, your doctor care provider will start giving you options to layer your care. So now that you’re in alignment, your body’s holding that alignment better, and you’re feeling better, you’re feeling less pain and less discomfort, you’re going to start adding other layers to support that alignment. Maybe you’re going to start working out a little bit more so that you can strengthen your core. And what that’s going to do is going to help you stay in alignment longer. And there’s a huge parallel between that and what’s going on right here, guys. You can go and do your affirmations. And do your mantras once, twice, a couple times. But your mind is used to working a specific way Your mind is used to taking you down that same trail that it’s been going down for your whole life. You’re not going to be able to realign and stay aligned unless you come back to that alignment. Unless you continually come back to that alignment so that your brain spends more time in that space. It gets comfortable in that space. And then it takes longer for it to get pushed and pulled back into that old story.

Now, if you continue every single day as a practice, and you connect with it properly, then eventually you’re always in alignment.

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You’re always in a state of trust and belief that you are enough that you are worthy of the time and investment it takes to care and love for yourself. But it does take practice. It’s not a one off thing. It’s something that you have to come back to you have to realign yourself often in order for it to stick. The other parallel that I realized, was he comes in after this beautiful like meditative relax. I was almost asleep when he walked in. I was just so relaxed. He does the adjustment and it was frickin awesome. Like, my body hasn’t adjusted the way that it did today. In a long time, it felt so good. It was so deep and it was everything that I needed. And I thought for a moment, man like the last few times I’ve come in it hasn’t, hasn’t been that effective. And what I realize is it’s because the last few times I’ve gone in, it was first thing in the morning, everybody’s busy, I laid down I had maybe two minutes he was in there, he adjusted me and he was out and I was gone. This time I actually had the opportunity to sit and relax and to tune in to the areas of my body that were feeling tension and to start begin to practice letting go what I was able to let go before he came and did my adjustment and low and behold, the best pocket adjustment ever.

And so there’s another parallel guys when you are practicing your mantras when you are re-aligning yourself with your affirmations. It has to be more than just doing the dishes and saying I am enough, I am enough, I am enough, I am enough, I am enough, I am enough. I’m enough. I’m enough. Or driving the car and saying I’m abundant, I’m abundant, I’m abundant, I’m abundant. That’s great too. And please do that. But there is magic in taking the time to sit down, to relax, to tune into your body, feel into it, release a little bit of tension. And then align yourself with I am beautiful. I am strong. I am abundant. I am all of the things, tune in relax and adjust in that state. And it’s so much stronger. It’s so much deeper. It has so much more ability to really connect and become aligned. And when it becomes aligned, it becomes your new story. I’m here to remind you guys that you’re fucking worthy of this. You are worthy of this practice. And if you have time to jump on and watch this live video, you have time to tune in and to affirm your worth. You do.

I promise you, you are worthy of the feelings that you desire. You want to feel love, you want to feel happiness, you want to feel peace and joy and acceptance and understanding and abundance and you are worthy of those feelings. You’re not asking too much. This is not vanity. This is your birthright, my friend.

So today, I challenge you to take a moment, to take a few deep breaths. Tune into the spots in your body that are holding tension, do your best to release them. And then repeat your mantra. Repeat your mantra Again, and again, and again, for as long as you can, maybe you can do it for 30 seconds. Awesome. Maybe you can do for five minutes. Sweet. Maybe you can do it for a full fucking half an hour. Get it!!!

Whatever the amount of time you have is Okay, everybody has a different level of time to be able to commit to these things. But nobody has no time. Nobody has no time. And I do not want to hear you say that because if you tell me that we will sit down. I will break down your entire week with you and I will show you where that time is.