For the soul-led entrepreneurs who are looking for a magickal community to expand their reach and purpose.

All High Vibe Pros will receive
– 20 minutes to share your magick and provide value to the MasterSoul Members
– 1 week access (leading up to your feature) to post in the High Vibe Portal a private FB group of over 1.5K engaged followers who are seeking more.

– Next level marketing for the program will ensure when you show up to deliver, the members are excited and ready to soak all you have to offer up

Are you a soul-led coach, intuitive leader, energy worker, artist, or expert in your field looking to level up?

Do you believe everyone has the ability to lift the collective consciousness through personal development, self-care, and spiritual awareness?

We are seeking…
– dedicated soul-led professionals raising the collective vibration, one encounter at a time.
– professional providers, who are called to create spaces to tap into highest potential.
– experts in their field who approach business and life with curiosity, intuition, and strategy.

By becoming a High Vibe Pro you will be part of a soul led community and have an opportunity to share your mission and services! If you are receiving this application, it is because we believe in your mission and would like to extend this complimentary offer to you!