Seeking connection, insight, elevation, and community!

Then you want to join The MasterSoul Alliance. An elevated mastermind for spiritually peeps who desire deeper connections and higher vibrations!

The monthly calls will be intuitively lead by Emma DeSouza & Sheina Hemstreet. A pair of radically magickal guides and energetic alchemist dedicated the elevation. Our elevated coaching approach makes this the perfect mastermind for spiritually centred coaches, readers, energy workers, artists and more.

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Do not wait another minute to give yourself this gift. You have been desiring this type of connection for far too long.

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Gather with us!

We gather in union to celebrate, learn, explore and grow as individuals with the intention to raise the collective vibration. Our monthly calls will send a ripple effect into the universe. And it stats with you showing up to recalibrate your energy, align your intentions and tap into high vibe resources.

We have high-profile, highly motivated, and successful speakers from across the globe coming to share their wisdom.

In today’s world it is more important than ever to find and connect with others. A group of people who are excited about your growth, committed to elevating your life, and open to also learn from you. When so many people are being pulled apart by hate, it is radical to come together in love.

Each month on zoom we come together to discuss a variety of topics, showcase a high vibe provider, celebrate, and of course provide elevated, individual guidance for anyone who needs it.

I want in!

The High Vibe MasterSoul Alliance Membership includes so much of what your seeking!

  • An high-vibe community of individuals exploring spirituality and personal development
  • Elevated leaders dedicated to your continued growth and expansion based on your intuition and desires
  • Support to explore and discover the metaphysical world including personal channelled messages and collective readings
  • Soul-led conversations on: intuition, personal development, self care, shadows, energetics, spirit, collective consciousness and magick
  • Learning experiences from high vibe pros dedicated to raising the collective vibration worlds wide
  • Ritual gathering and celebration 

We have created a special space to release the need to be anything other than our ever-evolving self and commit to the work of becoming.

Becoming more connected, more inspired, more elevated, and more in alignment with the lives we desire. Join the High Vibe MasterSoul Alliance now!

– A high vibrational space to grow, learn and expand access to magick and resources
– A 75-minute MasterSoul call, featuring a High Vibe Pro, last Tuesday evening of every month
– Time for elevated discussions, genuine check-ins, oracle readings, and collective guided experiences.

OH BUT THERES MORE! Become a fully integrated member with the elevated extension and commit to raising your frequency exponentially. 

Make 2022 the year you break-free from all conditioning and rise higher than you could ever imagine!

The elevated extension membership includes the following expansive additions to the monthly calls.

  • 2 days monthly of high vibe Voxer coaching with your elevated high vibe leaders Emma & Sheina to fully integrate the teachings with more support
  • A Lux Spiritual Gift that full of goodies to compliment your journey and learning throughout the year
  • VIP pricing on programs and services we offer


 Claim your intention to rise, the time is now!

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