I am immersed in your passion. I am enveloped by your warmth. Your enthusiasm is contagious as you blaze through a room spreading your energy as you go. You light the way for creative expression in all forms. Movement, drama, song, spoken and written word, painting, drawing, ways of carrying out tasks. You elevate the intensity of the connection factor as your work speaks to the souls of those who witness the outcome of your brilliance. You already know you are amazing and thus you radiate confidence in your mannerisms, voice tone, and posture. You move with courage and confidence. An effervescent glow lighting the way.

From the smallest flame to the largest blaze, you strike awe and reverent fear into all who experience you. You go where the wind blows you. Deriving vitality from whatever diversion happens across your path. You prefer to live in the moment and can change course in an instant unphased in the knowledge that you are the supplier of your own needs. You know you can handle whatever comes at you. You advance with purpose and assurance in your prowess to manage your own destiny. You are a self-nourishing force of nature. Even when you die down to embers, you are easily reignited with a stir and a call to action. You can burst into your full glory from a single spark.

Which can also be your downfall. When left to your own devices for too long, you will either use up all the fuel in your immediate reach and go down to hot ashes or you will leap from one fuel source to another with complete abandon and end up an out of control, destructive blaze. Your own form of spontaneous combustion. Due to the spontaneity of your nature, you are prone to rapid changes in mood. When you are able to explore your creativity and have fun and pour your passion into projects and other humans, you are energized and full of life. But, when you are uninspired by your work and have little to no stimulation outside of a day to day routine, your light dims. You struggle to find the balance between self-assurance and an overinflated view of yourself. Having friends in your life who are willing to create firebreaks for you, will help to keep your ego in check so you can continue to come across with love and inspiration vs force and selfishness.

You are a lover. You are an inspiration. You are bound by your moral compass. You embrace your spirituality. You thrive on fun. You live with the intensity of dynamite and the gentleness of a candle flame. You are beauty and destruction. Warmth and blistering. A hot meal and a charred cake. You are both self-sufficient and needing contained. You are passion.

With poise and admiration,

Your soul