Filling Your Cup

5 Ways to practice everyday!

Like what does that even mean? We all know that we can’t pour from an empty one. But what does it mean to fill our cup?

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

So let’s talk about filling it! When I ask a client what they think it means, I almost always hear, honouring your own needs.
Cool, awesome way to go. What does honouring your own needs look like?

Well It looks like saying no when I want to say no and saying yes, when I want to say yes.
It looks like me taking a break when I’m tired.
It looks like me stepping out of my comfort zone in order to try something new.

Now, let me tell you a little something about the way that I approach self-care . And what it means to fill your cup.  I’ve said it a million times before you’ve probably heard me say it. It’s leading with mindful intention. That means , it is being aware of the things that you’re doing. Being aware of the things that you’re thinking. Your action, reactions and when you fall into auto pilot.

This doesn’t mean being positive all the time!

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It’s all energy and without positive and negative, you’re never actually going to feel right So please don’t think that I’m telling you to think positive all the time because I’m absolutely not. Actually what I’m asking you to do is to be mindful of how you actually feel. Avoid auto pilot and ask yourself questions!

Do you ask yourself questions when you feel like shit? Or do you just feel like shit?

This is part of self-care. A lot of the times we don’t question why we might be feeling this way why we might have this reaction? Because a lot of time, the answer is us. And we don’t want to admit that we’re not taking steps for our own wellness.

Another thing I hear all the time about filling your cup is, “I just don’t have time for that.”

You have time to fill your cup. If you don’t have time to fill your cup, then you have a big problem. This doesn’t mean you need an hour a day or even a week.

Let me share with you what filling your cup might look like.

  1. It can be as simple as a sip of water. The thing is you need to be mindful and intentional. So when you sip your water or your coffee, or your tea, or your pop, be with it, think about it, be mindful about it. Be intentional about it. Why are you drinking that beverage? What does it do for you? What purposes is it serving?
  2. Sleep! Are you ensuring that you’re getting enough sleep as much as possible based on your current circumstances? Do allow for wiggle room when needed?
  3.  Relationships! And are you connecting with adults? This is a beautiful way to fill your cup my friends. Maybe connection for you, is spending time with people that celebrate your wins. Maybe connecting for you, is reaching out into a new circle of interest. Maybe connection for you, is telling a close loved one, how you really feel. Maybe connection for you, is sitting for five minutes and focusing on your breath. Because who you really need to connect with is yourself.

    Because, who you really need to connect with is yourself.

  4. You Time! We need to be able to be alone with intention, and mindfully live that experience as well. If this is hard for you, practice everyday just a couple of minutes through meditation, mantras, affirmations or even journalling.
  5.  Be creative! I am a huge advocate of creativity. If you haven’t noticed, I am surrounded by it. I live by it. Being creative is my own personal meditation. And people shy away from being creative because they think, “I’m not creative, I’m not artistic, I’m not, I can’t.” Well, I’m here to fucking tell you that you can. You absolutely can in your way. Maybe you write, maybe you draw. Maybe you just pull out some crayons and colour in a picture of a Disney Princess. What does creativity look like for you? Are you accessing it? Maybe it’s plating the macaroni and cheese and hotdogs you’re serving for dinner in a fancy way so everyone smiles when you put it in front of them. Creativity is your way of putting beauty into the world.

 Give yourself one hour a week, one night a month, pre plan it with the people that you wish to connect with, make it happen. Your Life isn’t going to come to you in this beautiful basket and say, Here I am live me. You need to decide; you need to make the time for the things that are important to you.

You need to make the time to fill your cup. And you can start b y simply doing what you already do with intention!

Even if it’s just a simple sip of water, being grateful for that water, feeling the cold in your mouth, feeling it move down. Maybe this sounds ridiculous to you. But that’s likely because you’ve never tried it. And you don’t know the benefit of it. So I urge you, I urge you to spend some time being mindful about every little thing that you’re doing.

Tell me how you fill your cup in the comments!

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