I see your work. I feel you breathe with pleasure as you watch your masterful creations take form in reality. You take such delight in the physical manifestation of beautiful function and form whether it be a work environment running smoothly, a room filled with beautiful decor, or a home erected from the foundation to the roof. The more tactile and visible your designs, the more peace and safety fills your heart. You bring a practicality to your approach that delivers both beauty and functionality to the spaces you occupy yourself or fashion for others.

Much like the nearly imperceptible but persistent growth of a tree, you bring a sense of stillness and steadiness. You are the one who can be counted on to be there through chaos and calm. You approach life’s varied situations with rationale and a sense of duty to fulfill your purpose to build something spectacular. You refuse to bail out when a situation becomes more challenging. You simply adjust your position and continue to grow towards the sun. Even when it appears that all hope is lost, you find a way to bring life and health back. You do not rush the process. You strategically maintain an environment in which growth can be sustained.

While your go to setting is inclined to caution, you throw it to the wind when it comes to savouring the finer things in life. There is no one better than you at enjoying a perfectly cooked meal or an elegantly decorated room or a stunning sculpture. You discover it with all of your senses and take the time to bask in its full essence. You become one with them and are in your element when your home is filled with the ones that integrated with you the most.

Allow caution to be your guide in the acquisition of goods as you have the potential to become greedy with your possessions and so focused on things that you forget to also connect with people. Your love of inanimate objects can become obsessive vs appreciative. This can cause you to get sucked into the black hole of being consumed by obtaining your next piece or completing your next project at the high stakes risk of being oblivious to the feelings and desires of those around you. Keep enjoying the process as you work to obtain your goals.

You are resilient. You are loyal. You are a connoisseur of tangible beauty. You thrive in realness. You nourish and sustain. You find joy in stability. You pursue the integration of the sensual. Thank you.

With loyalty and admiration,

Your Soul