You take my breath away. I am awestruck at your ability to approach the world with sparkly idealism day in and day out even when nothing around you appears sparkly or idealistic. You have an innate gift to believe your life, the lives around you, the whole world can be as fantastical as you envision in your mind. It is your passion to advocate for and participate in bringing that better world into existence.

Every dilemma in your purview is met with multi faceted assessment as you analyze all the various possibilities for solving it. You feel, you listen, you look until you are satisfied that you have found the best strategy to achieve success. You connect thoughts and ideas together that most would never think to connect. Explaining these connections may often be met with stares of non understanding. But Air, these enigmatic reasoning skills are what bring innovation. Inventions are born because of thinkers like you.

You are the perfect combination of intellect coupled with perception fuelled by curiosity. Your intellect inspires ideas to pursue. Your perception indicates which ideas are worth pursuing. Your curiosity moves you to action as you glean information to put your idea into motion. You effect change. Sometimes imperceptibly. Sometimes with urgency. Sometimes with the abruptness of a tornado.

Find your balance. All forms of change are necessary in various times and circumstances. Use your perception to know when to blow gently and when to fill the sails with gusto. Neither is sustainable forever for you or those around you.

You are an elusive construct. Not easily contained. Mysteriously moving from one moment to the next. While others may not always see you, they see the results of you being or having been. Just as the wind sways the leaves as it wanders by or fills a sail or sustains life with exchange of gas elements, so to do you subtly and oft times unobtrusively make an impact on your environment as you traverse your days.

Air, remember to use gale force sparingly and with intent. Yes, sometimes change must be enacted quickly, but the larger the wind force, the higher the risk of destruction. Lead with warmth. Change is more readily accepted from a place of empathy. Pushing for your changes when you are out of balance and not considering the well-being of those around can come across as cold and unfeeling.

Lead with love. You are a vessel of hope, uplifting, innovation, and empowerment. You are amazing!

With love and admiration,

Your Soul