guidance, insight, awareness, connection?

High Vibe Art Orcacle Deck
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I am a bridge between source and earth.

Delivering to those who seek more.
More guidance, more insight, more awareness and more connection.

Raising the collective vibration, one encounter at a time.


I am so glad your journey has lead you here. Are you seeking awareness, self development and spiritual connection? Looking for guidance and access to new ways of doing things? Has your recent perspective shift or awareness lead you to realign?

Each day I help guide my clients to connect with their highest self. Encouraging self awareness, prompting insight and self development. As well as aiding in raising their personal vibration through sacred intuitive practices. Through online events, personalized readings and intuitive art, I create inspirational and insightful spaces to grow and lean. Raising your vibration and that of the collective!

As an art oracle, I channel source energy to create a unique manifestation of personalized and collective readings . With the intention to receive on behalf of an individual or group I am guided to create vibrant multimedia abstract artwork. During the creative process and in meditation with the artwork, a full reading is revealed to me. I then deliver the messages and artwork to the recipient(s).

As an intuitive guide, I provide personalized readings and individualized plans for transformation. Using my honed intuition, self care coaching experience, oracle cards and other forms of divination and spiritual development resources. I can help you make decisions,  move forward and create a powerful change in your life.

If you are seeking insight or reassurance about a specific situation, I can help. If you are looking for general guidance, I can help. If you are looking for a plan of action to significantly raise your vibration, I can help.  If you are looking for a unique and personalized high vibe piece of art for your home or sacred space, I can help!

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The HIGHVIBE Art Oracle deck consists of 35 mixed media original artwork oracle cards and simple guide, manifested by Intuitive Art Oracle, Sheina Hemstreet. Channeling source energy each card was co-created to aid you in tapping in to your highest self. By building a powerful relationship with your intuition.

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Creating to raise my vibration. Sharing, to raise yours.

My creative practice is my most sacred space. Each piece I create is infused with gratitude and love. The medium and tools are energetically cleared and blessed each time. Through source connection and intuitive flow I find peace, power and clarity in my creative expression. Now, you can too.

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